Financial Wellness


Your financial well being is as important to your employer as it is to you.  It means higher productivity and lower turnover.  Your employer has asked us to take a holistic approach to financial wellness and balance the needs of all employees by offering these tools to help you reach your financial goals.

PayUback loans

Contingency Savings

Targeted Savings

How it works:

Once you have enrolled and activated your account either by taking an emergency loan or making a savings contribution we help you set up a

  • Savings and loan account with XYZ Credit Union.
  • Contingency savings account with XYZCredit Union.
  • (optionally) Targeted savings account through Smarty-Savings.

Our Promise to You:

All PayUBack service fees (shares) and savings contributions collected will be returned to you with interest through these accounts.  With the 360/100 plan you will accumulate savings greater than 100 times your average loan amount in 360 months.

The Pilot Program has contains special provisions and exceptions encompassed in the our specific agreement with your employer allowing for voluntary termination of the program any time during the 12 month pilot period.

Wealth is often more about how you manage the money you make than how much money you make. Case in point; 78% of NFL players, 60% of NBA players file bankruptcy within five years of retirement.