With so many great new budgeting tool on the web, making a budget today is simple.  You just have to choose one!  LearnVest is one of the better free services allowing you to connect bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts and loans.  You can use it from your computer or smart phone.

The Financial Inbox gives a great snapshot of your finances. All your recent transactions pop up, with folders on the side showing you how much you spent in different categories on the side, and an overall Money In/Money Out cell on top. Click the folders and it brings up the transactions, and compares it to the monthly budget you’ve laid out for yourself. Bring up the budget and you can edit it right then and there. It’s a fantastically thorough view of your finances, so long as you typically use your debit or credit card to pay for things. As with all PFMs, of course, cash is useless — you can learn nothing from it without entering each and every cash transaction into the program.

This section also allows you to set a number of goals, and LearnVest in general likes to educate its users about how to manage their finances in a smarter way.

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