Pilot Program

This program is offered through your employer as a pilot program.  This gives your employer the opportunity evaluate the benefits and get your feedback about how well it fits your needs.  We know many of you have developed a successful routine for managing your finances and many others are simply not ready to take on the task, but the success of this pilot will be measured by how those of you who use any of the services perceive the actual benefits.

The site includes a blog giving you the opportunity to share with us and with other employees how you use it, what you like or dislike as well as what else you would like us to offer.  We also give you the opportunity to participate in surveys and statistical tests designed to measure if and how much the program improves you sense of financial well being.  The website describes how the planned program will work, but only if your employer and GeePal agree to continue the program beyond the (12) month pilot period.  Depending on your usage and feedback we may add or remove certain provisions or services in the final version, while adhering as closely as possible to the to the proposed program.