PayUback Loans


The payday loan that pays you back.

Your employer knows that “things happen”, so anyone may occasionally need an emergency short-term loan.  But payday loans are expensive when compared to traditional loans and should be used only for emergency short-term financial needs, not as a long-term financial solution.  Your employer has asked us to show you how preparing for future emergencies with the contingency savings option is often a better solution.

Unlike other payday loans you may have seen, all PayUback loan fees will be deposited into savings accounts for your short-term and long-term needs.  You may never have an emergency that calls for a PayUback loan and we hope you don’t, but you can take comfort in knowing it’s there at a moments notice if you ever do.

So we recommend that you;

  • Sign up through your employer and
  • Open your Dwolla account now.

Show me how.  (link to be added)

This way you’re already set up, so if and when a need arises;

  • You can borrow up to $500.00, with no questions asked.
  • Your loan information is confidential: no record is kept in your employment file.
  • PayUback will send the money to your Dwolla account normally within two hours of your Dwolla request (between 6 AM to 8 PM CST)
  • Your loan will be repaid out of the next paycheck (if less than 3 business days away, it will be repaid the following payday) along with a $15.00 (per $100 borrowed) service fee.
  • 100% of service fees are applied to your contingency and long-term savings accounts.

PayUback loan example:  You borrow $400.00 on July 7.  On your next payday, July 19 your employer pays us back out of your paycheck along with a $60.00 service fee.  We divide this fee putting $30.00 into your contingency savings account and $30.00 into savings and loan shares.

How are my service fees returned?

How can I avoid paying the transaction fee?

How can I take advantage of the free PayUback loan offer?

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