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You can, just take a few minutes to tell us about how you see your financial situation and how it affects your daily life.  Just click the link below to begin the questionnaire and we’ll send you a virtual token “good for one free payday loan (no PayUback fees and no contributions to your accounts) anytime you want it.” To qualify you must complete this test within the first (90) days after your employer adopts this program or after your employment date. You may use your token any time during your employment.

We promised your employer positive results. We are committed to promoting better money management and perhaps more importantly reduced financial stress. Apparently our word on this wasn’t enough. Your employer wants us to prove it and we need your help.

One of our key resources in developing this program, is the Personal Financial Employee Education Foundation. We endorse and contribute to this organization to continue their good work on behalf of employers and employees alike. We will be using the standardized scale they have developed;

Personal Financial Wellness Scale™ (PFW Scale™)

The Personal Financial Wellness Scale™ (PFW Scale™) is an eight-item, self-report measure of perceived financial distress/financial well-being. The instrument measures the level of well-being and stress emanating from one’s personal financial condition on a continuum extending from negative to positive feelings about and reactions to one’s financial situation. The tool has been scientifically determined to be a valid and reliable measure of personal financial wellness.

Of course, for us to prove positive results, you will have to take it again and again (after six months and one year then every five years), each time we will give you new virtual token.

We will furnish statistical data to your employer, but this does not include any personal information.

I’d like to complete the questionnaire and receive the token on my account now. (add link)

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