Equity Loans

Sometimes you may want to borrow more than $500.00 or need more time to pay the loan back.  And this would be even more frustrating if you knew you already had the money, but it was tied up in a long-term savings account.  Well, we have the solution.

Our equity loan allows you to tap into the equity you have built up in your savings and loan account.  And the best part is, we designed it so it doesn’t disrupt you long term saving schedule.  You see, we will never actually take money out of your savings and loan account which continues to earn interest for you.  Instead this account will serve as collateral for low interest loans with repayment terms up to three years, similar to the way a whole life policy builds loan value.

Should you need it, you can request an immediate loan up to the full equity of your savings and loan account and the only question we ask is “Will you pay us back?”

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