Vesting Schedule

VestingThe vesting schedule is how we encourage you to save a little every time you borrow, while giving back all your PayUback service fees.

You may wonder how we make money when we return all the service fees and pay you interest on top of that.  The answer is simple.  We make money the same way banks do when they offer savings accounts.  We can earn higher returns on our investments than we pay you in interest.

But what does this mean for you?  Can these small fees really add up to much?


Let’s say you borrow on average $300 per month for 30 years.  You will borrow $108,000 and you could pay $16,200 in fees.  Your vested share grows as shown in the table.

Okay, you’re not going to borrow that much, but even $30 per month adds up to $1,620.00.  Either way,

Wouldn’t you rather have it back?

“Money grows on the tree of patience.” 
– Proverb


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